Support System: How to make a screenshot?

Screenshots are helpful for our developers to understand the issue and make it easier for you to describe the symptoms of your issue. This helps us to resolve your issue faster.

  1. Press the [Windows] and [Print] keys on your keyboard.

  2. In your Pictures folder you will find a folder called Screenshots. The screenshot is stored here. 

  3. For older operating systems the following key combinations work: 

    • Windows 7: STRG + DRUCK Windows 7: CTRL + PRINT 

    • Windows 8: STRG + DRUCK / WINDOWS + DRUCK Windows 8: CTRL + PRINT / WINDOWS + PRINT

    • Windows 10: WINDOWS + DRUCK Windows 10: WINDOWS + PRINT

  4. Alternatively, you can also take a screenshot using the pre-installed "Snipping Tool", but here you also have the option of selecting only a specific area.*

  5. You can enter the program in the search bar at the bottom left or search for it in the Start menu under "All Programs" and in the "Accessories" folder (WINDOWS 7).  

  6. The key combination for newer operating systems to open the program are as follows:

    • Windows 10: WINDOWS + S

    • Windows 8: WINDOWS + Q

For a detailed description of how to use Snipping tool, see: How to create a screenshot with Snipping Tool. * Application "Snipping Tool"

  1. Open the "Snipping Tool" program either via the search bar at the bottom left of the desktop or via a keyboard shortcut:

  • Windows 10: WINDOWS + S

  • Windows 8: WINDOWS + Q

The following window opens:

2. Now press the "New" icon and select the area you want to cut.

3. In the toolbar you can now choose whether you prefer to save the image or copy it directly and paste it into your email / ticket, etc.

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