Support System: How do I assign the correct priority to a ticket?

Here you'll find a prioritization guide. This will help you to determine the correct priority for your request.

To ensure you receive the best possible support and to guarantee that your issues are handled efficiently, we kindly ask you to consider our priority system when submitting support tickets. This system helps us to respond to problems in a manner that best matches their urgency and impact on your business. Below, you will find an explanation of the different priority levels and examples to help you select the appropriate priority for your ticket.

Priority Levels

Highest: Critical Bugs Without Workaround

  • Description: This concerns errors in GUIBO that affect critical functions and for which there is no possible workaround. These types of issues can have a significant impact on your business operations.

  • Example: An error that prevents the completion of releases for your bookings. This blocks the deployment of travel documents to your guests.

High: Bugs with Complicated Workaround

  • Description: This category includes serious errors for which a workaround exists, but it is time or resource-intensive. Such problems may affect important functions, but temporary solutions are available to use the functions nonetheless.

  • Example: An error that makes the use of a core function difficult, but can be bypassed by performing several additional steps. For example, when updating an existing release via API, the content to be updated is not adjusted. Here, you would be able to perform an update via our user interface as a workaround until the error is corrected.

Medium: Bugs with Feasible Workaround

  • Description: In this category, you will find errors that cause inconvenience but can be resolved through a workaround, the effort of which is similar to or the same as the original procedure.

  • Example: An error that affects a specific function but can be easily bypassed by using an alternative method that is similarly effective. For example, you cannot create releases via our UI. Importing your bookings via our API works seamlessly, and you are able to use the API. The workaround does not require additional time effort.

Low: Typos and Minor Flaws

  • Description: This includes minor issues such as typos or small inconsistencies that do not impact functionality or the overall user experience.

  • Example: A typo in a notification or help documentation.

Lowest: Cosmetic Errors Without Functional Loss

  • Description: This level applies to cosmetic errors that do not affect the functionality of our software. Such errors do not directly impact business operations.

  • Example: A layout issue that does not affect the readability of the text.

How to Choose the Right Priority

When selecting the priority for your ticket, we ask you to consider the descriptions above. Appropriate prioritization helps us to quickly identify urgent concerns and respond accordingly, while less critical problems are addressed in a suitable order.

We understand that all issues are important to you, and we assure you that every ticket is treated with the utmost care and attention. Your cooperation in proper prioritization helps us to optimize the support process for all our customers.

If you have any further questions or uncertainties regarding the prioritization of tickets, please do not hesitate to contact our support.

We thank you for your support and understanding.

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