Support System: How to create a ticket?

When you are facing an unexpected behaviour in GUIBO or the GUIBO App, the best way to notify us is by creating a ticket in the support system.

Open the page

  1. Select your issue type Select whether the error is in the "GUIBO ISSUE" system or on your "APP ISSUE" app. 

  2. Send your documetation via text or video Now add all relevant information. This can be done via text description or video-screenrecording.

    1. Text: Please make sure that you describe the problem as precisely as possible. This means a step-by-step explanation of the previous steps until the problem occurs.

    2. Screenrecording: In the ticket form, you will find the "click here" screen recording button at the bottom of the screen, above the "send" button. Click on it to start the screen recording. Select the GUIBO tab for the recording and demonstrate the problem behavior.

  3. Send us all required information Make sure you have filled out all the form fields. If information is missing, we cannot process your request.

  4. Attach screenshots For illustration you have the option to insert a picture (screenshot) here. Info: You must have created this before creating the ticket.

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