Support Guide for Tour Operators and GUIBO End Users
It is important that tour operators take the feedback of their travellers seriously and respond appropriately. This is the only way to effectively solve problems customer satisfaction and continuously improve the quality of their products. quality of products. Dealing with customer feedback appropriately is crucial to finding the right to be able to present the right and quick solution. For this purpose it makes it makes sense to analyse a traveller's report and classify it accordingly as follows classify.
  1. 1.
    identify user errors:
  • Make sure that all permissions in the device settings are are activated.
  • Ask the customer which screen they are on and what function they expect to find on it. Function they expect to find on it.
  • Ask the customer to provide screenshots of the malfunction!!!
If there is a user error, you can point it out to the customer and explain to him how to use the function correctly. Explain how to use the function correctly. Create an internal document that allows you to interpret customer behaviour at the end of the season. If necessary it makes sense that you can adapt your documentation or forward change requests to forward to us.
-> If no user error can be detected, then go to point two:
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    check configuration problem in the Guidebook in the GUIBO backend:
  • Check the guidebook in the backend. Make sure that:
    • All approvals under App & PDF are enables
    • the geodata are correctly created and configured accordingly
  • If the booking is personalized, check the configuration options on the release dashboard / download releases of the corresponding booking copy.
If there is a configuration issue, make the necessary adjustments in the backend to solve the problem.
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    Recognize technical problem and create tickets:
  • if there is a technical problem, create and fill out a ticket. Complete the "App Issue Form" on the Schneider Geo Help Desk.
  • Please be sure to quote the booking number so that we can investigate the problem.
  • Ask the customer to provide a screenshot of the error in order to analyse the analyse the problem in more detail.
Please note that a careful analysis of the feedback and clear communication with your customers will help to quickly identify problems and provide appropriate solutions. If you have any further questions or need support, please do not hesitate to contact us.