What happens with Partner Account releases after updating PDF Booklets?

If you're managing Partner Accounts in GUIBO and defined them as "sellers" to distribute rebranded releases, it's crucial to stay informed how to update PDF booklets within these releases.

What happens with existing releases?

When you perform an update on the PDF booklet of your guidebook after creating a release for a partner account, the changes will not automatically reflect in the existing releases. A release always contains the PDF that was attached at the time of release creation.

To ensure that the existing releases also include the new updates, you can manually update them in the Release Dashboard. There is a special update button in each release row for this purpose. Find it in the column "PDF". By clicking this button, you can update the PDFs in the existing releases to the latest version, ensuring that your partner accounts always have access to the most current version of the PDF.

What Happens with New Releases? When you create a release for a partner account and then make an update to the PDF booklet of the guidebook, all the old guidebooks are deleted from the partner accounts. During the creation of the next release, the updated PDF booklet from the guidebook will be utilized and stored as the new guidebook in the partner accounts.

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