What is GUIBO

GUIBO is a SaaS cloud software and the leading product management platform for tour operators of active holidays in europe.

Manage travel products and travel documents

In GUIBO you can mange assets like Routes, Point-Of-Interests, Hotels, textual information for historic and cultural backgrounds and general information about the trip.

When managing your assets in libraries, you can re-use one asset in multiple trips can manage your assets efficiently. Each travel document can be customized f.e. depending on the hotels that are booked for that customer.

Hand out travel documents to your customers that offer the best user-experience

Your customer can choose between

  • Tour Guide App with GPS and turn-by-turn navigation

  • PDF document with maps, routes, POIs and navigation instructions

  • Printed travel brochures (alpha)

Exchange travel products with partners

When you sell and buy travel products from business partners, send and receive the complete product description with one click.

Integrate into your existing IT landscape

Our extensive API can be used to connect any booking software. For example to automate:

  • Creation, customization and sending of travel documents after you receive a booking.

  • Exchanging hotels with your booking software.

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