This release is about changing the process for creating booklets. The main motivation is to shorten the review loop.
For reviewing the text modules in the booklet, we had the 'PDF preview' functionality to see the result of all text modules without having to render the complete PDF documents with maps. But for reviewing the maps, it was necessary to render the booklet with all maps, when one map was wrong, re-rendering the complete booklet was the only way to get an update.
With our new release, you can look at each map before creating the guidebook and, if necessary, re-render a singe map.
Where did the 'PDF preview' go?
The purpose was to create a booklet without starting the rendering of maps. Now, the rendering of maps is de-coupled from the booklet rendering, the booklet creation is always without
What does the 'Update all' button for maps do?
This triggers the re-rendering of all maps which are outdated. Outdated maps are maps where route or the map sheet configuration has changed since the last map rendering.