Booklet (PDF)

In our PDF, there are three types of customisation: "Format", "Styling" and "Order of content modules".
1) Format
You can choose between DIN A4 and DIN A5. We always use landscape orientation.
2) Styling adjustments are, for example:
  • Fonts (headlines, body text..)
  • Font sizes (headings, body text..)
  • Colour design
  • Title page / last page
3) Sequence of content modules Especially in the area of geoassets in the booklet, the order of the following blocks can be adjusted.
  • Route description
  • Turn signs in tabular form
  • Map material
  • POI's directly on the route
  • POI's near the route
The optimal workflow: You create a PDF in your portal based on a completed trip. This document will be the starting point of our customisation process. Please document your customisation wishes directly in the generated PDF and send this document to us via a "PDF customisation" ticket.